Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unified Forces Commands v0.1

This is an entirely speculative post using my personal ideas about how an unified command would look like in the Indian context.
Might add more details in the future.

Indian Unified Commands

Existing Geographical Commands

CENTRAL        : Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Bihar Jharkhand Odisha


WAC    =  Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, some parts of Uttar Pradesh.
CAC    =
EAC    = WB and east
SWAC    = Raj, Guj, Mah
SAC    =


Combined Forces Commands                AoR                                                  Composition

1. CC North           : J&K, HP, Punj, Har, NCT, UK                            IA NC(+ UK) + IA WC + WAC

2. CC West            : Raj, Guj, Mah, Goa + Arabian Sea                        IA SWC(+Guj) + SWAC + WNC

3. CC East             : WB and all NE states                                                  IA EC + EAC

4. CC South          : All southern states + BoB                            IA SC(-Guj+Odisha) + SAC + ENC

5. CC Central         : UP, MP, CHT, Bihar, Jharkhand                            IA CC (-UK) + CAC

6. CC A&N            : A&N islands and all deployments
                                 east of A&N.               

7. CC Indian Ocean    : Indian Ocean and all deployments outside       IA Expeditionary Command
                                      India west of A&N including peace-keeping    (controls all peacekeeping forces)
                                      and anti-piracy.                                                            IN Indian Ocean Command
                                                                                                                             IAF Expeditionary Command

Each such Combined Forces Command to be commanded by a 'Force Commander' who controls all military assets commanded by his sub-ordinate tri-service commands. CC A&N & CC Indian Ocean to concentrate exclusively on overseas deployment and operations, leaving other commands to concentrate on India and its immediate neighbourhood. Assets to be allocated to the expeditionary commands as and when required.

Disclaimer : Not being a professional soldier, my knowledge about command structures of Indian military is obviously limited. Any suggestion, correction or clarification is most welcome.

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