Wednesday, August 8, 2012

India's Missile Defence System : For and Against

Rebuttal to Manoj Joshi's hatchet job on India's BMD in India Today.

Original article.

Rebuttal : (I had a small part to play in it ! )

'The Indian missile shield: nothing to be baffled about'

 by Mihir Shah


Anonymous said...

A blogger called Rohit Vats in his blog (see: is the one engaging in brazen cut-n-paste job of both text & maps from the book OP PARAKRAM: THE WAR UNFINISHED by Lt Gen (Ret’d) Vijay K Sood & Pravin Sawhney. Such plagiarists have no shame or regrets in crossing all norms of decency & ethics. And when such issues are highlighted in their discredited blogs, they retreat into the ‘comments moderation’ mode. Truth indeed hurts them.

Rahul M said...

Ah, I see janab Prasun Sengupta has paid us a visit. :P

I know quite well what Rohit writes and it is certainly not copy-paste of anything (unlike some other commentators who hide under the anonymous tag to beat their own drums) ;)